Guinness World Records Museum

Venture through a museum full of incredulous world records! Explore the museum with a group of your best friends and family. See attractions like the worlds largest pencil and the woman with the tiniest waist! Big to small, these records will blow you out of the water!!

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Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Ever wonder who holds the record having the longest fingernails in the world? Have you ever seen a 2 headed animal up close? Want to see an authentic shrunken head? Visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum at Niagara Falls! See it in live action at their 4D moving theater, see it as still as a statue in their waxworks area, or just tour their “odditorium.”

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Crystal Caves!

In 1884 a pathway was on its way to being created at the top of Clifton Hill for the Niagara Falls railroad station, what was made instead, was the Crystal Caves! The Crystal Caves were deep beneath the explosion for the railway. Enter at your own risk and try to find your way out of these treacherous caverns! These caves have been opened for touring after many years, come and see what awaits you inside. . .
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Riverbrink Art Museum

The Riverbrink Art Museum brings to life the cultural and regional experiences of the Niagara region. Bringing on several exhibitions at once, you are bound to find something you enjoy! Currently the Riverbrink Museum is housing the Josh Silburt: Artist in Turbulent Times, and Avant la lettre: Canadian Landscape before the Group.kAside from artistic exhibitions, this museum also hosts a handful of lectures throughout the year. The Next one coming up is on September 27 by Ivan Kocmarek: The Fine Art of Canadian Wartime Comic Books! There is truly something for everyone at Riverbrink!

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NOTL Walking Tours

Take a stroll through historic Niagara on the Lake Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and again at 2pm. Tickets are 10 dollars each, includes museum admission, and begins at the gazebo in Queen’s Royal Park. Whether you’re just touring or have been at NOTL for the long haul, this scenic walking tour of historic Niagara on the Lake will always be one of a kind!

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