Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the worlds leading natural history and world cultures, museums. They offer a wide variety of exhibitions that change frequently throughout the year in order to give you the best experience possible. Currently on display they have exhibitions including: Viva Mexico! (clothing and culture), New Dino Discovered (yes thats right, a new dinosaur has been discovered!!), Dawn of Life Preview, Toronto Underfoot, The Bat Cave, and more! They also feature a slew of exhibitions in their gallery, where you can find statues and sculptures from all around the world, and even paintings and artifacts from places including, Egypt, China, Greece, and Nubia!

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Niagara Falls History Museum

The Niagara Falls History Museum currently has three exhibits; Food for Health, Gale Family War of 1812, and the Niagara Falls Community Gallery. The Food for Health exhibit is the only exhibit that is not currently ongoing and will be coming to an end on January 3rd, 2016. This exhibit takes a look at the foods we eat and how they do much more than entertain our tastebuds. It takes a closer look at these foods, how you prepare them, and how they affect your body. Are you REALLY what you eat? Find out before January 3rd!
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